Black Panther and Halloween Costume Contest
November 3, 2020 by BizzyBrit

1. So we were in a field and there was a black cat. We thought it was just a normal cat but it was actually a big black panther thing so we ran inside and the door was hard to close - it was scary. Our cat and dog were both outside and we took them in. Then after that, the cat was gone but we still went in the field. I kept looking for the cat but it wasn't there. There was only a shadow spot which it could've hid in.

Then when we walked, something else came but it wasn't the cat it was a person I think. It took something like our poster or a paper or something and it ripped it. It ripped 2 of them. Then we ran inside and I forgot what happened. The only thing I remember is that there were 2 dvds of Marc Martel songs or something and it broke it I think aha.

2. Soo I was at school and I was the only one dressed up for Halloween and I was Willy Wonka. We were going to go to another school for a costume contest. So we went to a school with kids everywhere! Then we went into the gym where all the kids were sitting on the ground. I was at the back of the gym and I saw that someone else was Willy Wonka but they were bad at dressing up. The hat was tall and weird but it still had the design. They didn't have glasses or the short hair but they had a coat and those white and black square design flannel pants.

I then went to the front of the gym beside the stage (no one was on the stage) BUT THEN when I looked at the kids... I SAW THE DUKE GUY, THE WILLY WONKA FROM TIK TOK GUY! I didn't think it was actually him and I was like um - how is he here? So, I still stood in front of the kids with other costume people. I forgot who said it but I think it was him and he was like "hey! You are dressed up as me"! I was like haha and he said "let's take a picture" (I think he said that). I didn't have my phone so I took someone else's phone and I gave it to him and he held it and took pictures with me. Then, all of a sudden... HE DIDN'T HAVE CLOTHES ON! Um ya I forgot what happened after that but his clothes went back on or something. After we were done taking pictures, I said to the girl that I took her phone from: "send these to me after". Then I went back to the front of the gym beside the stage. I thought it was so real and then I woke up and I was like NoOOOOO it was a dream rarar. The end.