Free Cars at McDonald's
November 6, 2020 by BizzyBrit

1. So we were at McDonald's or something and the old man guy from the Up movie was there. He was working there and at the window. When we got to the window, he said "you can have a free car!" Then all the free cars were in the mobile order parking spots. We went there and there was this green car. Another car was beside and it was this Apple truck made by Apple. Someone said that we don't need another car and I was like how about me because I don't have a car? And then they said ok. So I went in the left back seat of the Apple truck and people drove it and I remember everyone was like wowow it's so smooth or something.

So then when we came back to McDonald's, I wanted to go in the green booger colour car. When we came back, some cars were gone and then there was this new car and it was a dark green van that had aliens eyes lights hahah. So I asked if I should get this one? But then I went in there and it looked like it was from 1970. So then I went in the booger green car and the people that had it before were driving. Then when I got in the left back seat, there was a fake mouse toy thing on the seatbelt and I was like "do you have a cat?" They didn't say anything so I thought they were like deaf or something. Then I said it again and no one said anything. And then I think I was going to say it again but right when I did the girl driver was like "yes"! When we were signing the papers, it was like a baby signing it or something and that was like me because I am still small or something I DON'T know!

2. I remember that we got soup from McDonald's I think but we were eating in the mall. I was mad or something and I didn't want to eat. But then I don't know, there was soup beside me and it was not hot and I didn't eat it. Afterward someone took it and I was like noOO! Then I cried because then we have to get another one and it will be hot and I have to wait for it to get cooler again because it would be too hot to eat. So I don't remember why I was mad but ya. Oh, I don't remember if these were together but I do remember I hit my nose and it broke and it was bleeding and it hurt to touch it.

3. Um I don't remember it was like something about the My Singing Monsters game and someone was playing it but their world was so bad and I didn't have my phone and I wanted to show him my worlds because I have a lot of monsters on there. There was a new update thing where there was a meteor thing and it hit the island and half of it was gone. Ya I don't remember anything else ya The End.