Seeing MrBeast at a School
November 10, 2020 by BizzyBrit

1. I think I only had one dream but it was about MrBeast. Jimmy and the boys went to school and I don't remember if I was with them or if I was in the school but I do remember the end.

So they were like going to leave to go on a bus like a Field trip with all the other kids. When they were leaving, I remember Karl said something like "the last one to get out of here gets to share a snack with me" I DON'T KNOW THAT WAS WEIRD. When I was going outside, I was the last one but I didn't know I had to be the last one to have a snack or whatever so when I was beside Karl, he said like "oh it looks like you get to share a snack with me" or something.

When I was going outside, I felt it was cold and I said "wait I forgot my sweater" SO THEN I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO DO THAT SNACK THING WITH KARL. I don't know but somehow it turned into our house or something and I didn't know where my sweater was. So I looked in the school office thing where the security cameras were and I looked on the screen and I saw that it showed when Jimmy and the boys came to the school and when they were walking to the door or something. Then I tried to skip to see like the camera people videotaping them or something and it showed them talking or something. Also the mouse was like broken and I didn't want to touch it or something because it was dirty.

Then I remember that when I went in that room, it was paused when they came and it was like someone was waiting and watching when they were going to be here and when they came, the person that was watching paused it and ran to the door to let them in. (I thought that and if that was what happened) ...I don't know then I went out of that room and went into the gym I think or where I was before and there were people waiting for me and they said "are you done?" And I said "just wait for me on the bus." (Because it was similar to a field trip) - So they went outside. FINALLY AFTER LOOKING FOREVER FOR MY SWEATER, I went in a closet and my pink sweater was there and I was like finally and I put it on and ran. I don't remember when I got on the bus or where we went after that but I think I remember me running outside and finally going on the bus and that it was still there. The End.