Kids Party Entertainer Contest
November 12, 2020 by BizzyBrit

1. We were going to a store picking Birthday or Christmas presents and I went to the toys section and I saw they had a Gaston doll from Beauty And The Beast. So I was like eee I want this to collect and so we bought it.

When we were driving back home, we went past a Spirit Halloween store and there were people with dresses on outside of the building. There was a fluffy pink one that I saw. I said "wowoow what are they doing what if there are free costumes and dresses?!", and the person driving said "it won't be". I'm like "yaaa go back and see!!!" And she was like "noo" and then I was getting mad and I was like "just go back!!!" Finally, she said ok.

When we got there, I got out and ran and I asked a girl with a dress on: "what is happening and what are you doing?" She was like "it's a contest." So we talked or something and I asked if I should do this contest thing. I was looking through the dresses, then all of a sudden we sang "it's the dance of Italy woah woah woah" (from Unus Annus).

I finally put a dress on but I didn't put the fluffy pink one I saw before because another girl had almost the same one so I picked another one. I picked one that was light pink with purple and different coloured stripes. Then I was practicing and I was like in a Dora voice: "there's a bear! Which way did it come from? I think it came from this way (left) but it could've been the other way because of the echo!" And ya I don't know why I did that.

So then the thing started and I got in the line beside the Spirit Halloween store. (Also in the store it was almost empty). There was another girl and I was like "wait what are we doing" I remember I said "when and what" or something. Then she said "This is for the to win a birthday party person" and I'm like "what? Like an entertainer person?" (like a person in a costume to entertain the kids or something). Then there were kids in front of me presenting and the girl behind me was like "they will never win. You need to be ReSpECtful." And I was like um. So then it was my turn and I went out and I said "hello and how are you today?" And I saw that there was like a cardboard cut out line on top of a circle thing and it was brown. So the guy was like "where is the firewood?" And I remember I was like huhhh what wood and I saw on the ground and it looked like wood so I took forever to think and then I was like "um I don't have it". And he was like "where in your house are you going to get it?" And I said "from my bed." "Where in your bed?" "The metal parts." Huh??? He said ok and I was done. After I left I was like why did I say metal it's woooood!!!

So we were all in a small room waiting to see who won. I remember saying "I'm not going to win because I said metal and I was so slow at talking." So then finally they said on the tv, "and the winner is... VITAS." And I was like "NOOO!" AHHA WHY WAS THE WINNER VITAS HE WASN'T EVEN THERE. So ya I lost and I can't remember anything else except after that I just remember a squirrel by a tree with a guy ya ok that's the end. The End.