MrBeast Charity Event
November 20, 2020 by BizzyBrit

1. So I was at school and it was about Jimmy (MrBeast) and the boys again. They were here and I was like ahh and they were playing basketball in this glass box type place inside the school gym and I wanted to ask them why they were there? I was standing at the glass and Jimmy saw me and he said: "oh are we taking up the basketball place?" or something and I was like "no." Then I said: "wait do you live here?" And he said "no". Then I asked: "why are you here again? You were here like 2 weeks ago." He said "oh it's for ___ (I forgot the name but it was like a charity thing)" and I was like wait...oh ya...then I remembered it's a thing they are doing. They came out of the glass place and went to the stage and did something I don't remember exactly what. After they were done, I was going to leave the gym, so I walked out of the gym and when I looked back, I saw Karl Jacobs standing behind the door. Then I remember I was waving to him saying bye but he didn't wave back so then I kept walking slowly away and still waving to see if he would wave back or not. Then finally he waved like a tiny bit while smiling. I walked away towards the doors that lead to the outside. Then I remember I shouted to someone "my head is exploding!" I said that because Karl waved back or something and my face got red and was exploding with blood. I don't remember anything else from that dream.

2. Another dream I had this night is that we were a school and we were watching a Frozen play. Then I forgot what happened before but I remember that I was waiting for Elsa to come on stage and for her to sing Let It Go. Then she sang it but a very different version or something. Then after the play was done, we went outside where we were waiting to get picked up. We waited and there was this orange cat and I was like ah it could have a disease. We might have brought the cat in the car or something but I don't remember.

3. We were going on a field trip to a museum or something and then like the bus flipped upside down or something. I don't remember the rest or where we went but I remember that it was like about clay or something and like we were in groups. That's all! The End.