Missing Piano
December 17, 2020 by BizzyBrit

1. We were in the car and we went into someone's apartment and they said that they had a piano. So I thought that we could see it and maybe buy it. So we went into the house and it was like 2:00 AM. The people in the house said that the piano is in the living room. We went into the living room and I didn't see a piano anywhere. The people began looking everywhere but even they couldn't find it. They were taking so long looking for it. I don't remember what happened or if we found the piano and bought it but I remember leaving and going back to the car. When I went into the car, 2 people were waiting in the car for us the whole time and they said something like "we were sleeping" or something.

2. I had another dream after that first one and it was in the same apartment but there was a killer inside. I forgot what happened but we were hiding in a room under a blanket and the killer came in. Then he thought we were chickens or something and I was like "baach" (making chicken sounds) and then someone else came with a knife but then the killer turned into a lot of mini things and someone threw the knife at the mini things and it was kind of like those ASMR soap cutting videos. I forgot what else happened.

3. The last dream I had was about ice skating. There was this small door on the side of a skating rink that led to this tunnel. I was going to record myself going in the tunnel or something but then I didn't record because you had to have a path to get in the door or something. Ya that is all that I remember for this dream. The End.