Talent Show and Art Class
January 9, 2021 by BizzyBrit

1. So there was like this talent show I think and I wanted to be in it. When the people were presenting what they are doing, I was like wait what am I even doing? I thought that I could do a ballet thing. When I was getting ready, I thought that my hair was boring so I put on a short hair wig but I didn't like it so I went to the closet to look for other wigs. Then when I was looking, all I heard was "well that was all the people" or something because the person thought that everyone performed already and I didn't yet so I was like WHAT and ran back and said: "I am supposed to be presenting" and they were like ohh. Then I said "wait I need to find a wig." So then I was looking in the drawer but I couldn't find one and I was looking through a bin but I couldn't find it. I looked at the clothes and I was going to get a skirt but then I don't know why I thought that I would be Belle from Beauty and the Beast and sing that song (it was stuck in my head). Later, I found a dress that looked like the little red riding hood dress. I didn't want that so I kept looking. When I was looking, I found a bear costume or something and I was like "bear?" ...um and then I found a blue dress and it had a blue see-through top part and it had like flowers or something. Then I found a bun thing and it was only a bun with a see through head thing. I don't remember being on a stage or presenting because I think I woke up before I could go up. Then I went back to sleep and had another dream.

2. I was at school in the basement and the class I had now was art (but after it said that art was next in my schedule). So then the art was about where you had to paint something and then after someone else had to come and change it or change the colours or something. My painting was a cat but it had like swirly things around it. Then someone else was done and they gave theirs to me and they drew a cat too but it was orange. I had to change something about their art so I thought about changing the colour of the cat. I changed the cat to white. Then when art was over, my schedule said that art was next huh that doesn't make sense because I just had art ...whatever. So then I was walking out and I was wondering what room is it and I looked at the schedule and it said that the room was 5.011 and I was like huh so I asked a teacher but I said where's the room 5.5 or something? The teacher led me into room 4 (I don't know why it wasn't room 5 or something) and the teacher said it was about using typewriters and I was like wowow BUT THEN I WOKE UP and that was the end of the dream. The End.