Dentist Bird
January 14, 2021 by BizzyBrit

1. I had to go to a dentist to fix my tooth because there was a hole in it. So we went there and we waited in the waiting room until a doctor guy came and told us to follow him. So I went into the dentist room with the doctor. Then all of the sudden, another doctor came into the room. He was the guy that was going to fix my tooth. So this guy had a bird and I was like... um why does he have a bird? Then all of the sudden, he put the bird in my mouth. Then the bird started to pick my tooth or something. The next thing I remember is that we were done and the doctors were in a corner and then I didn't know what they were talking about and when I went there they were all crying and I was like why are you crying and I think they were crying because they couldn't fix my tooth. Suddenly, there were sparkles or something and they turned us into little Roblox people. (I don't know what that was). Then we went back to normal I think and I forgot what happened but they like killed us or something and ya... Then it kept repeating like we kept dying or something. The End.