At GeorgeNotFoundís House
January 15, 2021

1. So this dream I had is about George (GeorgeNotFound) bringing us to his house. We were first flying in a helicopter and we were looking outside at his house. His house looked like those rich, modern square houses. I donít like those kinds of houses so I remember saying "ew it's ugly" in the dream. Then, we flew more and there was a cobblestone part of the house and I liked that kind of design so I said "oh well this part is not ugly."

I also remember saying "this must have cost 100 million dollars or something." Then - we finally landed. I remember someone saying "why do I only see one star in the sky?" I looked and I was like "um... I don't know." Then we went inside and I forgot what happened but I only remember the ending when we were leaving. So when we were leaving, I went past the kitchen and in the sink was our phones. They looked small and they looked like flashlights or something. So I took the phones and when I was going out, two people were coming and they were sneaking in. Um ya - we left and that is all I remember.

2. So we were like in a graveyard and we were watching a live camera stream. To our surprise, we saw a ghost on the camera and it looked like fog. Then we had to go and someone turned off the camera and that is all I remember.