The Sandstorm
January 21, 2021

1. We were in the desert and I was taking a video. We were in this mini thing that was made out of wood. Inside were some birds and fish staying there. There was also a river under us. So then all of the sudden, there were a lot of birds flying and I took a video of that. From far away I saw a lot of dust coming.

There were a thousand people everywhere but I don't know why. Then I saw dust and there was a sand storm coming and I took a video of it coming closer. Everyone else had a car except me. I only had a bike and it was already covered in sand. So I ran to the bike and tried to cover myself as the sand came closer. Then the sand came and blew by. I was still taking a video and I was screaming and showed my face to the camera but it was too dark to see anything. So then the sand went on my face and ya that's all I remember.

2. I don't remember this too much but I was in the drive thru and I was with Dream or something and his face was like covered with paint and I don't know why. All I remember is that he had like a big nose and it had a bump. So then we went in the drive thru of McDonald's and he was driving and I was beside him. We got to the window but then we drove past and we were at the second window and then he was like - ah I forgot the other one. Then he or I said that we can pay here or something. The next thing I remember is that I was with Karl Jacobs and we were walking or something beside the road...that's all I remember for that. Then, we were at a garbage can thing and there was this evil guy and I saw him close the garbage bin when I'm not supposed to because the garbage can was special or something? He didn't know I saw him. Then the garbage can turned into a drink thing and there were 2 drinks you could get - water and lava. So then I watched him switch the water with lava. So now if you picked water you would actually get lava. Then someone was there and they wanted to get water and I said that it was switched or something and then I took lava and then drank it and it wasn't even hot. That didn't even make sense but whatever. The End.