MrBeast In The Mall
January 22, 2021

1. So I was in the mall and then I saw that Jimmy MrBeast was in a glass box with Chris along with other people that I didn't know. Chander and Karl weren't there.

Then at night in the mall, I needed to go to the washroom. It was so dirty that the toilets were like green and brown - eww yuk, and I went to the last one and that one wasn't too dirty. So then I relieved myself and someone on the other side came in and went in another stall in front of me on the left. The doors were also like half see through. So then other girls came in and I didn't know what they were doing. They brought their computers and I didn't know why. So then they asked me how to get more views on YouTube because one girl had a YouTube channel. So then I said "make what your viewers want to watch." So then I was like "I need to hurry up, someone is waiting" and I remember I took so long on the toilet. Someone said "there is a guy sleeping outside of the washroom." Then I think I woke up and didn't get to see me walk out of the washroom to see who was sleeping.

2. These are kind of connected and was after I fell asleep again. So I remember walking in the mall and I wanted something to eat and I saw this brownie stuff and I said how much is one and he said like $10 or something and I only had like 4$ or $8. So I said no and then he said "really -- they are soo good. Just get one." And I'm like noo. So then I went to another store that had records. Then... I FOUND PIGSTEP and I wanted it but I don't know I didn't get it because I didn't have a record player. Then I went back to the glass box thing and Jimmy was still in there. I think Chris was gone but the other people that I didn't know were still there. So then I think he got out and like it was night time and there was this mini house inside or something. So we went in and sat on a table. There was no roof so if you sat on the table you could see the whole mall. Then, all of the sudden Tommy and Tubbo came and sat in front of me on the table. Tommy was in front on the left and Tubbo was on the right. I was saying in my head: "how could he be here? The time would've been different. I can't believe he's beside me and I'm listening to him in real life and not through a video." Also I thought: "how did Jimmy get here and why isn't he making a video now?" So then they were talking to us. The next thing I remember is that I had to go but I don't even remember leaving. Then I remember coming back the next day I think and everyone was gonee :( The End.