Broken Bones
February 05, 2021 by BizzyBrit

Someone died and I remember that it was a girl. Then we went to the funeral and afterwards we were driving and in the front of our car was the hearse but it didn't even look like a hearse. So then when we were driving I saw this guy in the back and then I saw that he was staring at me. So then I said that there's a killer guy and someone said that he was watching the dead girl or something and then he came into our car somehow (he was like on top of the car). Then he was in our car and I pushed him out and he flew out down a hill and then someone said that all his bones broke. Then there was this weird book thing and I got 100 messages or so and it said "100 unread" in the colour red. I went through the book and people said that I shouldn't have done that. Then I went to the back where there was no writing and I wrote something but I forgot what it was!