Spicy Dill Taco
February 06, 2021 by BizzyBrit

1. It started with me being at school and it was lunch time. So I went into the cafeteria and I saw that there were no seats left. I went to the end of the room and some people said: "haha there is no room." Then when I was going out I said "shut up" umm ahah and then I sat on the ground. I don't remember eating but I remember going back in and some people left and there were seats open. Afterwards, I sat there. All of a sudden there was this killer guy I think and then I went out and ran into a house and went into the basement. I hid under blankets beside a washing machine and waited. Then I think after a long time, the guy found us and I ran and tried to lock a door but he kept opening it. Scared I went into the washroom and locked it by opening the drawers that were beside the door and blocking the door from opening. Then I woke up. I don't remember him coming and trying to open the door.

2. The second dream I remember is that we were in a store I think and there was food and it was at the end of the day and it was going to close. I think it was a taco place. So before it was at the end of the day I got this spicy dill taco thing and it was spicy with dill pickle inside. So I took one bite and it was yummy. Then I was on a bus and I somehow left the other piece of taco on the bus. Then I got off the bus, I don't know why, and lost the bus where I left the taco in. So then I looked at every bus to try and find it but I don't think I did. Then I went back to the taco place and got so many more things. I got: a brownie, taco meat in a cup with a spoon, and a lot of other things. At the end of the store, there was this mini statue and I think it was Johnny Depp but I don't know. Then I had a tray of all the food and it was beside a sink where someone was washing stuff. Then the tray tipped over and my food fell in. I took all the food out fast and dried it. So then I was mad at that statue and then I think I took the head off - I donít know why. I saw that there was a signature on its head and it was signed by Johnny. The end.