Going Back to 2016 Through a Time Machine Mirror
February 08, 2021 by BizzyBrit

So we went back in time. I think we went to the year 2016. It was also the super bowl today. When I went back to 2016, I think I went through this mirror thing to go back - kind of like the movie Alice through the looking glass. When I went back in time I saw that Quackity was there. I started talking to him and I said I was going to somehow show what the 2021 super bowl looks like. So then I went back through the mirror, took a picture of the 2021 super bowl, and then came back. When I looked at the picture, it got like crossed out because I'm not allowed to bring future things into the past. I tried it again but this time I videotaped going into the bowl and brought back a video of the game. Then I had a Hershey’s chocolate kisses and I thought that what if you could see the year 2021 on the wrapper. I think I recorded the 2021 but I don’t remember.

When I went back to 2016 and I was driving around trying to find Quackity. It turned into like a kind of a desert thing and he was at a pyramid. Then I found him and I yelled his name and he came into the car. I said that I took pictures and videotaped. The next thing I remember is that the pictures were printed out and I put it into a backpack with a lot of other papers. I hoped that it wouldn't get blurred out again and I thought that if I put it with a lot of other papers, they won’t find it. So then I took it out and one was a short video on PAPER (how?) that I cropped out of a longer video. I remember I copied it with my finger to put it in my keyboard clipboard in case it gets deleted and I can't get it back. So then I showed the video and it worked. I think somehow we were at the super bowl again and we were sitting down. So then we watched the Hershey's part. Then the video ended but I replayed it and I saw that it did HERSHEY'S 2021. I was like LOOK, IT SAYS 2021! Then we saw police guards coming and they came on to our level of seats. So then we got up and went down to the next seats. Then we ran and went into the mirror.

I don't know if it was me or someone else but there was a girl here and she was trying to get through the mirror too. She (I think it was me) took quite long to get through. Then all of the sudden, the mirror said that she needed more iron in her diet and then she said "I need to have fuzzy drinks" (?) or something when that's not even iron. Then I forgot what happened next but I think we went back and I went to my house. We didn’t even know but the whole time we were coming back, there was a police guy following us. I was in the garage of my house and then one policeman came into the garage. Then someone had a knife and I don't know why but he wanted to kill the police. So he put the knife in the guy's arm or back and then he fell. Then he was still moving so the guy got a gun and he shot the police but missed. So then he shot again and THE POLICE'S HEAD FLEW OFF and ya he died ummm gross. I don't remember anything else and ya that was weird. The end.