Being Brian May At a Talent Show
February 14, 2021 by BizzyBrit

So it was hot outside and we went to a theatre thing but it was like in a garage. When we went in and at the beginning, there was a guy in the ticket booth. It was a talent show and I was going to present a thing. So someone was already presenting and while they were performing, I went outside to put my costume on. Then a guy said that I was second when there were a lot of people in line. I began running to the car, I was thinking of what to do because I didn't know what to do. Then I thought of singing a Queen song. So I ran to my car and opened it and there were two cats and a dog in there but I don’t know why. So I took my wig and I almost forgot my guitar because it was in the back and then when I was walking to the garage, I think I heard people clapping and that meant that it was my turn.

So I went in and on the stage - I was like “HELLO!” really loud. Then I was trying to make the people guess who I was. I had black hair with bangs but then it turned into curly hair I think and I was like "who has curly hair and plays guitar?!" And they were like “QUEEN!” and I was like “YAAA!” Then they were all loud and I kept saying “YAA!” really loud and they got louder every time I said that. Then there was some railing thing on top of the stage and they were throwing stuff and I jumped so high. Then the host guy was like "how did you jump that high?" He said to jump again and I did and jumped high to the end of this dream. The end.