At a Big Meeting With Karl Jacobs
February 23, 2021 by BizzyBrit

1. So this dream started with me walking on a sidewalk beside Tubbo and someone else. I forgot who it was but I think it was either Jack Manifold, Dream or BadBoyHalo. So I was walking with them and it felt like I was in a Discord call and I said "it feels like I'm in a call with you" because it felt fake that I was with them in real life. Then we went inside a place and there were many people because it was like a government meeting thing. So we went in and past some washrooms where there was another Tubbo and a Mario-like person that also looked like Tubbo. The other tubbo was wearing a red shirt while the one I was with was wearing a green shirt. Then he went into the washroom and I was waiting for him.

When I was going to leave, we went into a gym which was a big meeting place that looked like the white house inside. We then sat down and we were like in the past or something and we remembered that there was going to be someone that had a gun and he was going to shoot on the left side. So I said “wait, remember that's supposed to happen now!” So we sat on the other side and waited until it started. Luckily, there was no shooting. At the end of the meeting event or whatever that was, the people at the front were asking questions to the audience. People put their hand up but I remember that I never did. Then all of a sudden Karl Jacobs was here and he was standing at the front. Karl asked a question and it was something about like “who wants this dessert?” The dessert was a cereal and it was these mini lines that were different colours. I don't know how but I stole some and I was eating it. I was not supposed to because the only way you are supposed to have it is to get picked by Karl. Then, almost everyone put their hand up (I didn't put my hand up) and then Karl picked a girl and she went up and she took the cereal thing and proceeded to hug him. I was still eating the thing and very fast because if they saw me, then that would be bad because I'm not supposed to be eating this. So then I finished it.

2. It was the end of school year and I was on the bus. We stopped at a house and the bus door opened. All of the sudden, I heard from the outside: "Come here you little muffin!" or something with muffins and I looked outside and it was BadBoyHalo!!! He had a RAT! It was a real rat, not his dog named rat. So the rat was on the road and it ran to him (the rat was brown). I didn't even know it was Bad until he said muffin or until I saw him. I was like WHAT he lives close to my house! Then we drove to the next stop and this stop had Jack Manifold in it. So I was like wowow 2 people live close to my house. We then drove further and it was my stop and I finally got off. The end.