I saw Dreamís Face
April 1, 2021 by BizzyBrit

This Dream seemed someone was here in real life and in some room. So I went by the room and I wasn't allowed to go in because then I would see his face. When I went by, I heard him talking. The next thing I remember is that I went in the room, this person had to put his head down and was wearing a hat to cover his face. So I went in and was talking about something and tHENN he lifted his head up by accident AND I SAW HIMM. So I remember that he had glasses on and the sun was shining on him and I saw his eyes. I remember that the sun was shining right on his eyes and they were glowing. I also saw that his eyes were green. Then I remember his chin. His chin looked like Tommy's. So then I was like ahh and looked away and he was like oh no and put his head down again. The next thing I remember is when I said to someone (I forgot who) that I saw his face and his eyes are green! And that is all. The end.