Big Ben Was Blown Up
April 7, 2021 by BizzyBrit

1. I was on my computer and then I saw that GeorgeNotFound was live on Tik Tok. So I pressed on it and then watched it. I remember it like updated because there were no things at the sides and they were a little invisible. I watched and I remember he had those party things where you blow and it blows out that swirly thing. I remember that I had one too. Then he ended but he actually didn’t and forgot to end or something. So then he accidentally showed his screen and he was on Photoshop working on a thumbnail. He was not supposed to show that or something and ya the dream ended.

2. We were going to the airport to go to England or something and the airport worker people said to make sure to go back to this number when you come back. I was with someone and she had a different number. I think my number was 127 or something with a 7. So then we were finally in London, England. I was walking outside and I remember seeing the clock tower. Big Ben was blown up. Someone said that you came at the worst time because they just had a war. I remember I was taking pictures of the clock tower. So then I was walking and there were pictures and writing on the sidewalk. I remember some pictures were of Spongebob, Patrick, and I forgot. I was taking pictures and video of all the pictures on the sidewalk too. Then I stopped to take a picture on the ground and there were people behind me and they were getting mad because I stopped in front of them. So then we had to follow a road and it went to a place. So we got there and it looked like a theatre inside. Then we went in and I stopped taking a video. A guy was telling us what to do. Then I put my backpack on the chair beside me and went to get something like painting stuff and then I went back to sit. When I sat down, I accidentally sat in the wrong spot and I sat there for a little but then I moved back to where my backpack was. So then we were painting with stamps and there was a leaf one. I placed some leaves and tried to make it a tree and I think it was pink. Then I put another green tree on top of the other one. Then the background got blurry I don't know how and I was done. Then like we went to sleep and when we woke up, we were not in England anymore. So I went to McDonald’s and I remembered that they said to go back to a number. Then I thought that what if the number at the McDonald’s mobile order is the place we had to go back to. So I went to the mobile order place and someone was there. The number spot didn't work unfortunately. The end.