In the Dream World
May 12, 2021 by BizzyBrit

There was this thing when whenever I go to sleep, I get to talk to this person that is also sleeping. So we were at a beach and we were watching it live or something and it was about lava coming closer - it was live on the news. Whenever the water went back we saw the lava coming closer. I was like waaitt lava+water= OBSIDIAN. So I was looking and then I SAW OBSIDIAN. Then the news showed these 2 kids that died because they were too close to the lava. All of a sudden, they got touched by something and then they started glowing and woke up and walked away. I woke up in real life and then fell back asleep again. When I was asleep again, the same girl was back in my dream and she said that I was back because I'm asleep again! Then I saw that there was this other guy that was also sleeping and in this world too. This world was kind of like you were a ghost and you could watch the real world by being invisible. So then when I woke up and I was like nooo I didn't get to say bye. What if it was real and those were real people that were dreaming with me…