The Lightning Strike
May 15, 2021

Chapter 1: The Storm
The Williams were just an ordinary family. They had a normal house, in a normal neighborhood. They loved their house and where they lived. It was one spring morning, all 3 kids, Lilly, age 4, Lola, age 10, and the oldest, Emily, age 17 were getting ready to go to school. While waiting for the mom, Julie, to make breakfast, the 3 kids and Dave, the dad were watching the news. "Hello there and welcome to BirdyNews!" Said the Reporter.
"There is a thunderstorm warning for today as a big storm heads this way." "Oh no..." Said Dave quietly as he got up and went into the kitchen. "Um the news said that there is a big storm coming today and that there is a thunderstorm warning! Should we still let the kids go to school?" Asked Dave to Julie. "Oh no maybe we shouldn't. What if lightning strikes on their school and it goes on fire or something?" Said Julie. "Ok we will not let them go then." Said Dave. "Ok kids... You're not going to school today..." "YAAAAAAAAY!" Yelled everyone.

After an hour, the rain started. "Look it's raining!" Said Lola. Then the lighting and thunder started. "WAAA!" Cried Lilly. Then the thunder started getting louder and the rain started to get heavier. Then all of the sudden, there was one of the loudest thunders they have ever heard. It was so loud that it shook everything in the house and knocked a vase over that then fell onto Julie. "JULIE!" Dave yelled as he ran to her. She was knocked out. "Wake up!" Yelled Dave. Then a couple seconds later there was the brightest flash of lightning they have ever seen. And not even a second later, there was another one of the loudest thunders they have ever heard. Then the power went out. "AH! I can't see!" Said Lilly. "Wait what is that smell?" Asked Emily. "It smells like... SMOKE!" Yelled Lola. "Where is it coming from?" Asked Emily. So the 3 kids were looking around, trying to find out where the smell was coming from. They then went upstairs. "What's that?" Asked Lilly as she pointed at the ceiling. Then Emily and Lola looked up. "Is that FIRE?" Asked Lola. "OH NO!" Said Emily as she ran back downstairs. "DAD!" "WHAT?" ..."OUR HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!" Yelled Emily. Then everyone started screaming. "WAKE UP JULIE! WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Yelled Dave. After minutes of trying to wake her up, she never did. "Ok kids, you need to get out of here... now..." Said Dave. "But what about you?" Asked Emily. "I'm coming! Just go!" Answered Dave. Then the kids ran out of the house. After they ran far away from the house, they looked back. They saw their whole house on fire. It was horrible. The worst sight they ever saw. Black smoke came out of the building. After minutes of waiting for their parents, they still haven't come out yet. "I'm going to look for them! Stay here!" Said Emily as she ran into the house. It was all smoky inside. Then she started coughing from all the smoke. "Mom dad!" She cried. "Where are you?!" Then she looked around and saw her dad holding her mom in his arms. "DAD!" Emily said. Julie still hasn't woken up yet. Then Dave looked at her. "Go!" He said. "What?" Said Emily. "I said go, you can take care of the rest. you're old enough now!" "WHAT?! You can still make it! COME WITH ME!" Said Emily as she reached over to grab his hand. "I can't..." Dave said as he looked at Julie. "She's dead..." "What? She can't be! How could she have died from that vase falling onto her head? She's not dead! She's just knocked out still-" "Goodbye" Interrupted Dave as he pushed Emily away. "DAD!" Yelled Emily as she looked back at them. They were gone. The roof had fallen on them. "NO!" Emily said as she started running back to the burning pile of wood. More pieces of the roof fell and blocked her from going there. Then she ran out of the house and started hearing sirens, the other children ran to Emily and both hugged her. "Where's mom and dad?" Said Lola. "...They're gone!..." Said Emily. "He pushed me out of the way because the roof was going to fall on me. But then the roof fell on them...they died...'' The sirens came closer and closer and then a lot of fire trucks came and ambulances too. The doctors came out of the ambulance and ran to the kids. "Where are your parents?" One of the doctors said. No one could speak because of how scared and sad they were. "Let's get you to the hospital then" said the doctor.

Chapter 2: The Shelter
It has been a day since they went to the hospital. The doctors are still trying to find out where to put the kids. The kids didn't have any other family members that could take them so the only thing left to do is to bring them to a shelter for kids and wait for someone to adopt them. So the doctor went into their room and told them. "So it looks like I am going to have to send you to the shelter for kids. "WHAT?" Said the kids. "I know this is the worst way to find you a new family, but it's the only option left since none of your other family members can't take you." Said the doctor. "I will call the kid shelter now to let them know there are new kids coming."

Finally after 30 minutes of driving, they arrived at this kid Shelter. It looked really old and there were kids looking out of the window at them. Once they got out of the car and got to the door, someone came out before they could knock. "What's your last names?" A scary looking old woman said in a weird voice. "Our last names are William." Said Emily "Ok that's what we will call you now, The Williams. Now follow me." The woman said. Once they were inside, they kept walking down a long hallway. "Who are you?" Asked Lola. "My name is Tabitha. I am the owner of this shelter... now I will show you to your rooms." Said Tabitha. They went upstairs to a hallway of a lot of rooms. It looked kind of like a jail, but there were no metal bars, only walls with a small window for each room. While walking past the rooms, they saw kids' heads peeking out. "GET BACK IN YOUR ROOMS!" Yelled Tabitha as the kids got scared and their heads went back in. Then they finally got to their room. "This is where you will be staying until someone adopts you." Said Tabitha. Then when she was walking out of the room, she spit on the ground and slammed the door. "This is the worst owner ever!" Said Lola. "And this place Stinks!" Said Lilly. "When are we supposed to eat I'M STARVING" "Me too!" Said Emily "Well me not hungry, me sleepy" Said Lilly. "I think we should just go to sleep." Said Emily.

After an hour of sleep, the owner opened the door and said "WAKE UP!!! It's dinner time!" So the kids followed Tabitha into the cafeteria. "What are we eating?" Said Lola. "You'll see." Said Tabitha. A couple minutes later they were called up to get food and they were served some mushy stew! "Eww! what is this?" Said Lilly. "It's STEW STUPID "Said the cook "Hey! I'm not stupid your stupid!" Said Lilly. All the other kids eating stared at them. "Lilly! what did you do!?" said Emily. "THAT'S IT! COME WITH ME!" said Tabitha. So they followed her. "Go into this room and stay in here!" Said Tabitha, as she went out and slammed the door. "Now look What you did! We got detention because of you!" said Emily. "I didn't know we were going to get detention! WAAA!!!" Said Lilly. "Don't cry ahhh!" Said Emily. Then Tabitha opened the door and said "SHUT UP!" and then slammed the door again. "Now what are we supposed to do?" Said Emily. "We can't eat and I'm starving rar!!!" Said Lola.

1 hour later Tabitha opened the door and said "Why are you still in here?" "You put us in here, remember?!" Said Emily. "Well get out then I don't care who put you in here! GET OUT!" Said Tabitha. So then they got out. "Get into your rooms now!"

*The next day*

"WAKE UP EVERY ONE!" Said Tabitha Shaking a bell. "But it's 5:00 am!" Said Lilly. "I'm so tired." Said Lola. "Breakfast time!" Said Tabitha. Then everyone got out of their rooms and went into the cafeteria. Finally when it was their turn to get served, the cook looked at Lilly and put the same stew into a bowl and gave it to her, while still staring at her. It looks like they eat the same stew every day now. So then they went to an empty table and ate alone. "Eww! This is so gross!" Said Lilly. "Well this is all that we can eat!" Said Emily. So then they ate. After a long day of boringness, they finally went back to sleep.

Everyday was the same. Eat and sleep and eat and wait and sleep. Finally after 2 weeks of doing nothing, Tabitha came to them and said "Well it looks like someone has finally adopted you." "What!?" Said Emily. "Yes, we have finally found you a family! Now you can finally leave! Lets go!" Said Tabitha, now happy that they are leaving forever. So they waited until the parents came to the kid shelter. Finally after 10 minutes, they came. A girl and a boy came out of the car. "My name is Dan!" He said, "And my name is rose!" She said. "And we have a son named Wesley!" They both said as a kid came out of the car. "Come on let's go to our house!"

Chapter 3: The New Family
When they got into the town where their new house was, it was really dirty. There was garbage all over the ground. Then they came to their house. The house looked really old. The walls were cracking and one window was even broken. When they got out of the car, it smelled gross. There was so much pollution in the air. When they got into the house, nothing was clean. "I will show you around the house." said Rose. "First is the living room. The living room looked very old. There was a TV too but it looked like it was from 1982. Lola tried to turn it on, but it didn't work. "Um your tv is broken..." Said Lola. "Next is the kitchen." Said Rose, ignoring what Lola just said. The kitchen looked like it hasn't been cleaned for years. There were dead bugs and mouse poo all over the counters and stove. "Eww how are you supposed to cook here? You'll get sick from that!" Said Emily. "We always get McDonald's everyday. Breakfast, lunch and dinner." said Rose. "Yaaay! I love McDonald's!" Said Lilly. "Well next is the bathroom." Said Rose. "EW NO! I don't even want to look at what could be in there." Said Lola. Right when they opened the door, bugs flew out and one mouse even came out. "AHHH!" Cried everyone except Rose. "How are we supposed to go poo and pee?" Asked Lola. So then she opened the toilet and there was A SNAKE INSIDE! "AHH!" Cried everyone even louder. Rose didn't even scream again. "No! Fluffy!" Cried Rose. "It's our pet!" "What? You have a pet snake!?!" Asked Emily. "Yes, we found it in our stove." Said Rose. Then everyone just sat there quietly. "So how long have you been eating McDonald's for!?" Asked Emily. "Oh maybe for about... a couple years now..." Said Rose. "Umm..." Everyone said. "Well the next place would be your bedroom." Said Rose. So they went in their room and then it was all dirty inside. There was only one bed there. "Why is there only one bed?" Asked Emily. "Well that's all we have, we have one for me, one for Dan, one for Wesley and this one." Said Rose. "Well then why do you have just one extra bed if you knew that you were getting 3 kids?" "Because we thought we were only going to get one kid. I only wanted to adopt you, Emily, but they said you couldn't be separated." Said Rose. "Well we will just go to sleep now". Said Emily.

*The Next Day*

"Time for Breakfast!" Yelled Dan "Are we having McDonald's?" Asked Lilly, "Yes, now come on I'm starving!" Yelled Wesley. Last night was a horrible night. Lola and Emily had to lay on the cold floor with bugs crawling all over them. When they got to McDonald's, the worker recognized them. "Hello Dan and Rose and Wesley!" said the worker. "So, the same thing?" "Yes." said Dan. "Oh and who are these new people?" "Oh these are our new daughters!" Answered Rose. "Well what would you like kids?" "Um the same thing as them." Said Emily. "Me too." Said Lola and Lilly. "Ok!" Said the Worker.

After they ate, they went back home and did nothing until lunch came. They went back to McDonald's and did the same thing for supper.

A Month has passed and they still kept eating McDonald's every day. One day after they ate it for lunch, Lilly got sick. "She's really sick! We should go to the doctor!" Said Emily. "No! We don't have a doctor so no!" said Rose. "But maybe she will die!" Said Emily. "I don't care!" Said Rose. "LET HER DIE!"

Chapter 4: Sick/Taken Away
"I don't care! LET HER DIE!" Said Rose. "How could you ever say that!?" Said Emily. "Well you should at least get a doctor or call one!" Said Lola. "Actually, you don't need one! You can just go to a walk-in Clinic!" Said Emily. "But you have to show a health card and we don't have one!" Said Rose. 'Then we can get one!" Said Emily. "How?" Said Rose. "Well it comes automatically when you get born, but I guess it got burned when the house burned down." "Well then what now?" Said Rose. "Well we could get a new one..." Said Emily. Then Rose stared at Lilly, which was pale. "...Fine! Lets go!" Rose Finally said. When they got there the worker asked what their names were. "That will be $300." said the worker. "WHAT!?" Said Rose. "THAT'S TOO MUCH! You know we don't even have a lot of money!" Then the worker stared at them. "Come on she's really sick and we need to see a doctor!" Said Emily. "...Well I can give ALL of them for $100." Said the worker. "Well... Ok." Said Rose.

After getting the health card, they went to a Walk-in clinic. When they got there, Rose Showed Lilly's health card to the doctor and then they had to wait for a long time until someone called Lilly's name. Then they went into the doctor's room and waited some more! Then finally the slow doctor came. "So what's the problem?" Asked the doctor. "She got sick from eating too much Mc-" Then Rose stepped on Lola's foot because she didn't want the doctor to know why she got sick." "Um ok..." Said the doctor. "Let's take her temperature." So then he took her temperature. "She doesn't seem to have a fever. Does anything hurt on you like your head or chest?" Asked the Doctor. "Well me tummy kind of hurts." Answered Lilly. "Oh maybe you ate something that wasn't good." Said the doctor. "What did you eat?" "We just ate Mc-" Then Rose stepped on Lola's foot again. "Ow!" "We just ate something that I made. I think something expired!" Said Rose. "Ok so I don't think she will die from this but she might throw up." Said the doctor. "No!" Cried Lilly. "I don't want to throw up!" "Well you have to in order to make you better." Said the doctor. "Ok let's go." Said Rose. So then they all left.

Once they got home. Lilly felt sicker and sicker. A few hours had past and she finally started feeling she was going to throw up."Ahh I think I'm going to throw up!" "Ok let's go to the washroom!" Said Rose. So when they went inside they opened up the toilet and there were RATS coming out of the toilet! "EW!!!" Cried Lilly. "Now just throw up into the toilet." Said Rose. "On the rats?" Asked Lilly. "Then just go outside!" said Rose. So then they went outside. A couple seconds after they got outside she finally threw up! "Blaaa!" Then after she was done, she started crying. "EWW! It tastes gross!" Cried Lilly. "Just drink some water!" Said Rose. "We don't even have water!" Said Lilly. "Hey! What's going on here! Ew! What's that stuff on the ground?" Said Dan. "Oh she just threw up because of all the Mcdonald's she ate." Said Rose. "Lets go inside now I'm tired." Said Lilly. So then she went to sleep.

A couple weeks later someone rang the doorbell. When Dan opened the door the person said: "Hello there I am from the kid Health center, I make sure kids are safe where they live." "Uhhh ROSE!" Yelled Dan. "What is it now?" Asked Rose. Dan closed the door. "It's the kid's health person! What should we do?" "Tell her we don't have kids". said Rose. "Ok!" Then Dan opened the door again. "Um we don't really have kids." Said Dan. "Then what were you talking about when you shut the door?" Asked the kid health person. "Well. Um..." Said Dan, trying to think of something to say. "Um well we just don't have kids! now can you leave?" said Dan. "Well what's your first and last name?" Asked the person. "It's George Smith." Said Dan. "Ok I will look up your name to see if you have kids." Said the person. So then she looked up George Smith. "What? It says you're 100 years old!" Said the person. "Well that must be wrong! There has to be a lot of people with the last name Smith!" Said Dan. "Well even if you're faking your name, it says that someone named Dan lives here!" "Oh well that person used to live here before. We just moved in like yesterday!" Said Dan. "No! It says that Dan has lived here for more than a day! This is never wrong! And that means you're lying!" Yelled the person. "What no! It's a mistake!" Said Dan. Then the person pushed Dan out of the way and went inside. "What's your real name?" Asked the person to Rose. "It's... Linda." "And what's your husband's name?" "It's... Steve!?" Said Rose. "IT'S GEORGE!" Yelled the person. "What's Going on?" Asked Emily, walking down the stairs. "NO GET BACK UP THERE! Yelled Dan. "What?" Asked Emily. "Who's this?" Asked the person. "I am their adopted daughter!" Said Emily. " you do have a kid you LIER! And what kind of dirty house is this!? I have to take your kids away right now!" Said the person. " wait!" Said Rose. "How many kids do you have?" Asked the person "There are 4 of us." Said Emily. "Ok lead me to the other ones." So the person went upstairs and found Lilly and Wesley talking to each other. "Who are you?" Asked Wesley. "I am a kid health person. I'm afraid I have to take you away because you live in a dirty house. Wait what do you eat?" Asked the person. "Well we eat McDonald's everyday and I even got sick from it!" Said Lilly. "We are also adopted because our real parents died in a house fire." Said Emily. "Oh that's really bad!" Said the person. "Well as I said I'm afraid I will have to take you away from these parents." Said the person. "No! My mommy and daddy!" Said Wesley. "Well let's go to the adoption center." Said the person. "But last time we went to a kid shelter! Is it different?" Said Lola. "Well it's kind of different than a shelter." Said the person. "So then they walked down the stairs while Wesley was crying. The person also took the health cards from the parents. "Mommy I don't want to go! Waaa!" Cried Wesley. So then after a minute of hugging, they all said goodbye. The health person also called the police to put the parents in jail because of making the kids live in a dirty house. They waited for the police to come before they left to make sure that they went. When the police came everyone said goodbye once more. Then the police handcuffed the parents and drove off in the police car. Finally, the 4 kids went into the person's car and drove away.

After 30 minutes they finally got to the adoption place. "We are here!" Said the person. So they got out and stayed at another smaller building to sleep at with other homeless kids.

Chapter 5: The NEW New Family
A week has past of them staying at the new shelter. One morning they were woken by someone. "I have good news!" Said the shelter owner. "...You have a new family now!" All three kids were still half asleep. "I said, you have parents now!" "...Wait, our parents are alive?" Emily said, still half asleep. "No... sadly I didn't say that. But what I did say is that there are new people wanting to adopt you three! Their names are Linda and Michael!" "Yay!...Wait what about Wesley?" "Oh I didn't know you wanted Wesley too-." "What I didn't want him to be with us!" Said Lilly. "Oh ok then... Wesley already got another home anyways. "Well let's go to our new house!" Said Lola. "Ok!" So then they started driving there.

Once they got to their new home, they saw that the house was really big. It almost looked like a castle! Inside their new home, they saw that the house was so clean! Even cleaner than their old home that burned down! The new parents then took them into the kitchen where there were so much fruits and even candy. "Welcome home kids! Eat how much you want!" Said Linda in a British accent. So the kids ran to the table and started eating a lot. "Wow, they were very hungry!" Said Michael. "Before we went to this new shelter, we hadn't eaten anything other than McDonald's everyday! And before that, we ate mushy stew everyday!" Said Lilly. "This new shelter wasn't too bad because we actually ate something different everyday! But it still tasted like poo!" Said Lola. "Ya! The last time we ate something good was when we were at our old house that burnt down." Said Emily. "Oh no! That is so bad! So is that how your parents died?" Asked Linda. "Yes." Said Emily. "Well you can finish eating now while we cook dinner." Said Michael. "Wait more food?!" Said Lola, "Yes! haha.. well eat how much you can." Said Linda as she and Michael went away. "Wait, where are you going?" Asked Lilly. "Oh just to our second kitchen." Said Michael. "Wow this place is so big!" Said Lola, as they all started eating again. After minutes of eating, all of the sudden they heard a boy say: "Hello there!" in a British accent. They all looked up and saw this boy. Emily opened her mouth and food came out and fell on the floor. "Hello there..." Said Emily. "Woah should I clean that for you?" "No! I can do it!" Said Emily as she picked up the food that fell. "Um what made you do that?" Asked the boy. "What... um I-" "Because she likes you! Haha!" Said Lilly. "Oh um..." Said the boy. "Look, she didn't mean to say that..." said Emily. "It's ok. Well my name is Oliver. What is your name?" "My name is Emily." "Well I am a waiter here. If you want something, you can always call me and I'll get it for you!" Said Oliver, staring at her.

"Ok everyone, dinner is ready!" Yelled Linda. So everyone ran and followed Linda into the second kitchen. At the table, the 3 kids sit together while Linda and Michael sat on the other side of the long table. Then Oliver came into the kitchen, trying not to stare at Emily. He walked towards the table but then stopped behind Emily. Then after a minute of standing behind her he said: "M-may I sit beside you, Emily?" asked Oliver, "Yes!" Answered Emily, hoping that he would say that. "Ok so for today we made a nice turkey dinner for you. Usually our chef cooks for us but he wasn't feeling that good today." Said Linda. So they all started eating.

After they were all done, they got up from the table. "You can just leave the plates on the table." Said Linda "Well... want me to show you around then- oh it looks like you have a little something on your face..." Said Oliver as looked at Emily. "Oh no! Where is it?" asked Emily as she wiped all over her face. "No right there." "Where?" "Here." Oliver said as he picked out a napkin out of his front suit pocket. Then he started wiping Emily's face. At that moment, they kept looking in each other's eyes and couldn't look away. "Um hello? What the poo is happening here?" Said Lilly. "What oh um... that was weird um...." Said Emily as she finally looked away after like a minute of staring at him. "Ahem, well let me show you all around the house a little." Said Oliver as he started walking out of the kitchen. "First this is the living room." The living room was very big. It had a chandelier in the middle and red couches. "Then this is the library." There were a lot of books and some chairs to sit on. Oliver then walked upstairs to their rooms. Well this is the first room, and the second, and the third." He said while going from room to room "This is also your parents room over here." "But where is your room?" Asked Emily "Um, oh well the workers rooms are all in the basement." "What? Well that is kind of dumb maybe some night you could sleep-" "OK!!! That's enough not in front of the kids" Interrupted Oliver. "Huh?" Wondered Lilly and Lola...

"Movie time!" Yelled Linda from downstairs. "Oh ya every night we always watch a movie." Said Oliver. So they went downstairs to the living room. "Sit anywhere you like." Said Linda. Lilly and Lola ran onto a couch and Emily sat down on another couch. Oliver then sat beside her. As they watched the movie, Oliver got closer to Emily. Then he put his arm around her and started getting closer to her. She didn't want anyone to see what was happening so she kept moving further away from him. "Why do you keep going away from me?" Whispered Oliver. "I just don't want anyone to see what is happening yet." Answered Emily. So Oliver took his hand off of her and watched the movie. At the end of the movie, Lilly and Lola fell asleep on the couch "Just leave them there! "Said Linda, Let's go up to our rooms!" Said Michael. So everyone got up except Lilly and Lola. "Want me to walk you to your room?" asked Oliver. "Heh ok..." answered Emily. So as they walked up the stairs, Oliver held Emily's hand, once they got to her room Oliver Said: "Well I better be going to my room now." "Wait." said Emily, as she pulled him in the room... "What are you doing?" asked Oliver. "I need you to look at this." Emily said as she took something out of her pocket. "This is a picture of my parents and us. I remember going back into our house that was on fire trying to find my parents because they weren't behind us when we ran out. Then I saw my dad holding my mom. I remember he said for me to go and saw that the roof was going to fall on me. So he pushed me out of the way. Then the roof fell on both of them. They died for me." said Emily, crying. "Oh no that must have been the worst thing ever!" Said Oliver. Then Oliver took a kleenex out of his front suit pocket and wiped her face. Then they both stared at each other. It was the same stare they had after dinner. "But now I met you and... you are the first thing that has made me smile since." said Emily. "Oliver, I think I like you... a lot..." "Me too." Then they started coming close to each other. And then they kissed, then all of the sudden Linda came in." Hey if you need-" then she saw what was happening. "Oh no!!!" Said Oliver. "WHAT THE POO ARE YOU DOING!!!" "No! I-!" "GET OUT OF HER ROOM!" Yelled Linda. So Oliver looks back at Emily and runs out of the room. "Go to your room!" Yelled Linda. "Are you ok?" Asked Linda. Then Emily got up and looked at Linda. "How about knocking next time?" Then Emily slammed the door.

The next day everyone goes into the kitchen for breakfast. The 3 girls sat beside each other while the parents sat on the other side. Then Oliver came in. This time he sat on the parents side. Oliver and Emily looked at each other, this time it wasn't the same stare as last time. Everyone ate in silence. The only people talking were Lilly and Lola. Then Linda spoke: "Look, I didn't know that you liked each other. I thought he was doing somethi-." "How could you ever think I would do that to her?" Said Oliver. Then Oliver got up from the table and brought his food. "No wait!" said Linda. "Now look what you've done! Now he doesn't like me anymore." said Emily. "Well I didn't know!" "Just stop!'" interrupted Emily as she got up and brought her plate to her room.

It was now lunch time. Emily and Oliver still haven't gone out of their rooms. Their food was brought to them because they wouldn't come to the kitchen. Linda wanted to do something to make them come back together again. "Maybe I will trap them in a room together and put a movie on or something. Maybe they can eat together all alone." said Linda. So she set up a table with chairs in the living room. Linda then went downstairs to Oliver's room. She knocked on his door. "Who is it?" He said. "It's Linda, I need you to do something for me!" Then he opened the door. "WHAT?" He said, angrily. "I need you to... start a fire in the living room... !!" Said Linda. "Don't you know how?" "No! I'm scared of fire! I can't!" "Can't Michael do it?" "No! He's busy making supper! I need you to make it it's cold!" "RRR! OK!" yelled Oliver as he went out of his room. When he went into the living room, Linda closed the door and locked him in there. "Linda?" He said as he got up from the fireplace and went to the door. He tried to open it but it wasn't opening. "Linda! What are you doing?!" Yelled Oliver. Linda then ran up to Emily's room and knocked on her door. "Dinners ready! It's different. We're eating in the living room this time!" Said Linda then Emily opened the door and went to the living room. "Why is it locked?" Asked Emily. "Oh wait!" Said Linda as she went to the door and unlocked it. "Did you make the fire?" asked Linda. Oliver was sitting on the couch, facing the other way. Then Linda quietly backed up and closed the door Without Emily knowing. "Who made what fire?" Said Emily as she turned around to look at Linda. "Linda?" Said Emily as she tried to open the door. "Linda !?" Then Emily turned around and saw Oliver looking at her. But right when she looked he turned away. "Oliver?" Said Emily. "What the poo is happening? Why is the door locked?" asked Emily. Then Emily walked closer to him and sat beside him. "Maybe she wanted to trap us in here together. She wants us to like each other again." Said Emily. Oliver finally looked at her. Now this time it was that stare again, the stare that made them kiss last time. Then he put his hand onto her face. "I missed you." He said. Then they leaned closer to each other and then kissed. Then Linda opened the door and said: "Oh um... dinner is served!" Said Linda. Then she gave them some food and then they watched a movie after. While watching the movie, they couldn't stop thinking of each other. They didn't really even watch the movie they thought so much. After they finished watching the movie, they fell asleep on the couch together. (No ***!) This was the best day Emily had since before her parents died.

Chapter 6: What If They Didn't Die?
After that night of Emily and Oliver being trapped in the room together, they were woken up by Linda shaking them. "Huh?" Said Emily, waking up. "I Just found out about something!" "What is it?" asked Oliver. Well remember when the roof fell on your parents? Well the police knocked on the door this morning and told me that they never found your parents' remains in the fire." "What?-" "They think they are still alive..." "What? Well if they are still alive, where are they?" asked Emily. "Well maybe they also thought that they all turned into ash and just blew away." Said Linda. "They're still alive I know it! I have to go find them!" So Emily grabbed Oliver's hand and ran to Lilly and Lola and grabbed their hands and ran out the door. "No wait!" yelled Linda, but they kept running.

After 3 hours of running and looking for their house, they finally found it. There was nothing left, they had already bulldozed it. "NOOO!!!" Yelled Lilly and Lola as they ran to it. "Where could they have gone?!" asked Emily. "No! They must be here somewhere!" "Emily..." said Oliver. "They have to be here! "Emily!" Oliver said once more. "What?" "I don't think they are still alive..." Then they both stared at each other. "But they are... They have to be! How could you think that? ...I knew I shouldn't have brung you." Emily said as she grabbed Lilly and Lolas hand. "I'm going to go to the police station and ask them." Emily said as she started walking. Oliver followed them far behind, now sad.

They finally got to the police station. "Do you know if anyone came in here asking for their kids?" Said Emily to the Police Officer. "Um let me see... are your names Emily, Lilly, and Lola?" asked the Police Officer. "YES! We are!" "Well um... they are actually in jail, are you the kids?" "THEY'RE ALIVE?!??" Mommy, Daddy?" said Lola. "Take me to them!!!" said Emily. "Um ok, and who is this boy?" asked the Police Officer. "Oh um... I am her boyfriend...?" Oliver said. "Ok come with me." So they all followed the Police Officer, wanting to finally see their parents after thinking they were dead this whole time. "Right here!" The Police Officer said as she unlocked the door of the jail. The door slowly opened and both parents' heads slowly turned up to look at their kids in the eyes for the first time in months. "Kids...?" Said Julie. "It can't be?" Said Dave. "MOM! DAD!" The kids said as they ran to them. "You're alive!!!" Emily said as they all hugged each other. Dave and Julie's face had burns all over. They thought that their kids would've never thought to look for them. They thought that their kids had thought they died. They were scared that they would've never seen their kids again.

3 minutes had passed of them just hugging. "We tried to tell the police to tell you that we were still alive! They didn't because they thought we wanted to kidnap you or something! So that is why we are in jail! There was also no proof that we were your parents because all of our identification stuff was burned. Our faces have been burned too which meant they couldn't match our faces to our names. There was no way of finding out who we are. The only way was to say that we were them, but they didn't believe us." Explained Dave. The Police Officer looked away, knowing it was her fault. "Wait but how didn't you die?" asked Emily. "Well when the roof fell, it actually didn't fall right on us and just missed us by a tiny bit! Then, still carrying Julie, I found a way out of the house. Then I got out." "But then why didn't you run to us after?" asked Emily. "Well you see, I don't really remember what happened. The next thing I remembered is that I was... on top of a roof??? But I guess that's another story to tell for later..." "Where are we going to live then?" asked Lilly. "I know you could live at my house- I mean the house I work at. Their house!" said Oliver. "Ya! The house is so big!" said Emily. "Wait who the heck are you?... Emily?" asked Dave. Then Emily and Oliver looked at each other and held hands. "Ohhh..." said Dave. "Why don't we go to our new home now? asked Emily." "What did she say?" asked Julie. "She said that they have a house that we can live in!" said Dave loudly to Julie. "Oh um after the lightning strike there was a loud bang of thunder. Well remember how she said that she got deaf? Well, she can still hear now but she can't hear that good anymore." said Dave. So now you just have to talk louder to her. "Ok lets go!!!" Said Emily as she pulled them out of jail, they were also wearing jail clothes too. So they called a taxi and they all went to their new home.

Chapter 7: Together Again
After finally seeing their parents after thinking that they were dead, they came back to the big house. They rang the doorbell. Linda then opened the door. "My parents were alive, look!" said Emily. "What? I can't believe It! Well where are you going to live now?" asked Linda. "Well we thought that we could all live here?" said Emily. "Well... ok." "Yaaay!" Lilly and Lola shouted. "Well... welcome home kids!"

The End.