The Watch
March 2018.

Chapter 1 - The Paper
On one fall day in the morning, John was eating breakfast with his wife, Mary. Then all of the sudden they heard a knock on the front door. "I'll get it!" said John. So when he opened the door, no one was there. There was only a paper on the ground in front of the door. "No one's here!" said John. "There's only a paper on the ground." "Well, what does it say?" asked Mary. "It's just some paper about this new antique store in town." said John. "Let me see." So John handed the paper to her. "This looks like a cool store! We should go there!" said Mary, excitedly. "Nah, it looks like just some old stuff that's not worth anything." "Fine..." said Mary. The next morning was rainy and cold. As Mary was making breakfast for John and herself, they heard that knock on the door again. "Again?" said John, angrily. "I'll get it this time." said Mary. So as she opened the door, the cold blasted in, and no one was there again, only that one paper. "No one's here again! Only that paper!" So she picked it up and it was the same thing from yesterday, the new antique store." said Mary. "Maybe they want us to go." said John. "Yeah, let's go and see, there might be some cool stuff." said Mary. "Ok, let's go."

Chapter 2 - The Antique Store
So they walked down the street while it was raining and got to the new antique store. Inside was dark and were old, dusty things. "Why is everything dusty when this place is new?" asked Mary. "I don't know bu- " "Well hello customers! How may I help you?" she said, cutting John off. It was this old lady with dirty, old clothes on. "Um, we're just looking around." said Mary. "Well can I show you guys something that may interest you?" asked the lady. "Ok." answered John. So they walked up to the dusty counter where the lady was behind. "I got this cool watch that was found long ago." said the lady. "Well, where did you find it?" asked John. "No one knows." answered the lady. "Then where did you get it from?" asked Mary. "Oh forget about all the questions already!" answered the lady, angrily. "Ok... Um, how much is it?" asked John. "Well, I can give it to you for........" They were expecting a really high number but she answered with... "5 Dollars" she said. "Really? Ok!" answered Mary, excitedly. "Wait, there might be something wrong with it, like it doesn't work or something." said John. "Well ya it obviously won't work because it's really old." said Mary. "Well, then why bother getting it if it doesn't wo....." "Oh look! It's ticking!" interrupted the lady" "Oh ok we'll take it then." said John. "Use it wisely." she said quietly while John and Mary walked out the door. While walking back home in the cold rain, he put the watch on and made sure that it didn't get wet from the rain. "I better change the time." he said. So when he changed the time......... lightning hit! Then Mary screamed and started running back home. When she got inside, she put her coat away and said: "We didn't even eat breakfast! I'm starving!" Then when she looked behind her John wasn't there. "John? Where did you go?"

Chapter 3 - In The Future
... "I better change the time"....... BOOM. She disappeared. "What happened? asked John. Where did she go? I better get home to see if she somehow got there faster." So as he went home he saw her inside sitting and crying because he had disappeared. "Hello? What's wrong?" she didn't answer. So he tried to open the door... BUT HIS HAND WENT RIGHT THROUGH THE DOORKNOB! "Ahhhh!!! I'm a ghost or something, that means I died?" said John confused. So he tried again and went right through again. "Hello? Can you hear me?" he said loudly. She didn't answer. "Oh no! The watch killed me somehow! Stupid watch!" Then when he tried to take it off, he accidentally changed the time again. Then he felt weird and looked up at Mary and she got up really fast like it was in fast motion or something. Then she walked out the door and started yelling "John! Where are you?" fast. "Huh?" he said. Then he tried changing the time backwards and saw her yell that again but in reverse, walking backwards to the chair and sitting down again. "Wow! Is this like a time machine or something?!" he asked. "So she's crying because I disappeared when I went into the future! Maybe I went forward into the time and that's how she got home that quick." So he tried changing the time back to when they were leaving the store. He then saw both of them go out of the store and watch himself move the watch and disappear. He then saw Mary scream and ran away to the house. So then he changed the time when they went back to the antique store and saw him and Mary both walking into the store. "Wait how do I replace myself?" "Mary? Can you hear me?" he asked, while he was right beside himself. "RRR STUPID WATCH!" He said as he threw it on the ground. Then everything looked weird and his other self disappeared. "It worked!" Said, John. "Um, what worked?" Asked Mary. "YOU CAN HEAR ME AGAIN!" Said, John. "You don't know what happened!" "What happened?" asked Mary. "Well you probably won't know yet but we got this watch at this store and it's like a time machine or something." answered John. "So I'm kind of from the future and I know what's going to happen next! So the next thing that's going to happen is that this old lady is going to come out and say: Well hello customers! How may I help you?" "Well hello, customers! How may I help you?" asked the lady. "See?" said John "Wow! So we're going to get a time machine watch now?" asked Mary "Yes." answered John. "Can I show you guys something that may interest you?" asked the lady. "Yes!" said John, knowing what's going to happen next.

Chapter 4 - The Time Machine
So after they got the watch John asked: "Want to see how this works?" "Ok!" said Mary. "Wait how are you going to come with me?" asked John. "Well, maybe we have to be holding hands or something." said Mary. "Ok let's do this." said John. So they held hands. "So all you need to do is change the time forwards or backwards and the time in the real world will change too." said John. So he turned the time backward and they saw themselves in the store talking to the lady. "No one can hear us or see us." said John. "Wow that's cool" said Mary. "I want to see what happens in the future!" "Ok" said John. So he turned the watch forwards and saw that he disappeared from the time that he first changed the time. "Wow, that's what happened when I changed the time the first time!" said John. "Can you go really far in the future to see what happens?" "Ok, but it will take a long time." answered John.

Chapter 5 - The World's Going To End
After a long time of changing the time forwards, they finally got to a time where everything and everyone disappeared. All was left was parts of buildings. "What happened?" asked Mary. "It looks like the world is going to end." said John. The End